Wedding Questions? I have answers.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

What am I really paying for?

Not all wedding video producers are the same. The best way to know what you'll be getting is to watch my gallery.  When you hire me, you get 100% dedication and my complete focus to get the best wedding video possible. I have been known to forget to eat or drink while shooting, because I never want to miss a shot.

How are you different?

I have always been extremely driven to create the best possible video I can. I always want the next video I create to out do the previous one. I also tend to impress even other videographers with the high end equipment that I use. I strive to use the best tools with expertise in order to ensure the best possible product.

How does your equipment compare to others?

Many (not all) videographers will invest in high quality cameras and lenses, but they will start cutting corners on the peripherals. Depending on the event, I use top grade tripods, lights (when needed), gyro camera stabilizer, a slider, and a Phantom Drone. Lastly, I have professional level microphones including a lavalier mic to not only capture important visual moments but to capture the sounds and words that need to be remembered.

How will I get the videos?

Unless regular DVD's are requested instead, I deliver all videos on Blu-Ray DVD's for High Definition playback. I will also deliver a thumb drive with all final edited video files for you to place on social media as you please.

How do you work with the photographer?

Perfectly! No really. I have always had a great time working with photographers. Typically, they will do the majority of the posing and I will be right by them or nearby shooting various angles. I will request specific shots at times as well.

Are your prices flexible?

My pricing is not flexible, but I am more than willing to figure out a customized package for your specific needs if my standard packages and pricing are not what you're looking for.

What is your pricing?

Please reach out via my contact form and I will be in touch shortly to send you my pricing. From there, let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to talk you through it.