Let me introduce myself! My name is Adam Evans. I am happy to specialize in the creation of cinematic wedding videos that will help you remember the precious moments that you won’t want to forget throughout the day. With a professional wedding video, you will get to relive your special day and see angles and moments that you didn’t get to see during the day.

Since earning a degree in Film 12 years ago, I have been working on video production in various capacities and on a wide variety of projects. I have seen all the ways a video can go wrong and I have the experience to ensure your wedding day video is produced without a hitch. I have chosen to create wedding videos because I believe that marriage is one of the greatest things we can do on this earth and I feel honored to be a part of it. I feel an amazing wedding video can be something that can strengthen a marriage as a couple watches it and remembers the strong emotions and feelings of that day. The digital age has blessed us to be able to preserve stronger memories of key events for ourselves and our future generations. Please make sure you don’t overlook hiring a professional videographer for your wedding day.

Take care and feel free to reach out!

Adam Evans